Swim Spas Provide Exercise and Relaxation

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Swim spas are the perfect solution for families that want a home spa that combines fun, relaxation, and exercise. A swim spa works by providing an adjustable current as resistance. The swimmer works against the current, getting as much exercise as needed without having to worry about slowing at pool’s edge or turning at the end of a lap.

A swim spa can be installed in virtually any backyard, since it takes up much less space than a regulation-sized pool. And most swim spas also include traditional hot tub seating at one end. The hot tub can include entertainment options such as stereo surround sound, illuminated fountain jets, or television, and it can also be fitted with massage therapy jets.

Your backyard swim spa will quickly become a favourite spot as family members improve their physical health through swimming, enjoy the healing power of hydrotherapy, and relax under the stars in the bubbling warmth!
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The Swim Spa Advantage

Many athletes train using swim spas. The adjustable current of a swim spa provides the perfect way for anyone to train to their ability; and because of its compact size, virtually anyone can install a swim spa in their backyard. Athletes also appreciate the hot tub function of the swim spa, which is a perfect way to treat sore muscles and relax after big events.
However, it’s not only athletes who can benefit from a swim spa! Swimming is often recommended as the perfect exercise, since the buoyancy of the water relieves pressure on joints even as the body builds muscle strength and cardiovascular health increases. Children learning to swim appreciate the fact that the current can be set at a gentle level, then bumped up as ability grows. Seniors suffering from arthritis find that regular use of a swim spa decreases pain and improves mobility, flexibility, and strength.

Three in One

In addition, with many swim spas, you get three distinct functions: swimming, massage therapy, and entertainment. When you are ready to exercise, the current is there for you. If you are aiming to relieve stress with targeted jets of water, access the swim spa’s hydrotherapy function. And if you are entertaining guests at a backyard barbecue or unwinding after a long day at work, get a glass of merlot and relax in the bubbling warmth!

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